Activities at Arrecife

Capital of Lanzarote since the second half of the 19th century, when the population had to start over from scratch after the two great eruptions that devastated everything in the southwest of the island.

The effort of its people or the ingenuity of the great artists who were born here resist the passage of time, and you can feel it in its streets and neighborhoods. Past and present merge to offer you unforgettable moments.

A small fishing village that became the capital of an island; a city that still keeps its essence as a fishing village. In its streets, in its neighborhoods, the essence of this great past can still be breathed.

Fishing, shops, salt production or the canning industry are important milestones in the history of Arrecife. It is impossible to understand its present without knowing its history.

Arrecife is history, but also culture, art, gastronomy and nature.

Activities in Arrecife

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