Activities at Haria

Charming village in the north of Lanzarote, located in the greenest area of the island. Haría manages to keep intact its agricultural and artisanal essence, located in a unique landscape between valleys and ravines that make its orography different from the rest of the island.

The past of Haria is linked to the culture of water, to the need to supply the population with this scarce resource in Lanzarote. Its name derives from two words from the ancient indigenous language, those of Faria and Chafariz, which mean Natural Water Source. The Plaza de La Constitución is built on the old water reservoir of the town, and through its streets you can still see the wells that were used until a few decades ago to collect the scarce rainwater.

In the main valley, the Valley of the Thousand Palms, there is an aquifer although its capacity is not sufficient to supply the town with water.

Activities in Haria

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